Care Fold

Armor Bearers
Provide support and spiritual covering for the Pastor as he ministers in the church and community.

Compassionate Care Ministry
Provides support and encouragement to sick and shut-in members, caregivers and bereaved families. Shares information of vital importance for our health, physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

Shepherd’s Ministry
Assists the Pastor and ensures that all provisions are made in preparation for his delivery of the preached word from the pulpit.


Media Outreach Ministry
Records and reproduces the highest quality recording of services and enhances worship service through quality audio output. Uses various mediums to deliver sermons to the community and those who are unable to attend worship services.

Nurse’s Ministry
Provides medical assistance and encouragement to the Wayland congregation.

Security Ministry
Ensures the safety and security of the church and provides protection for God’s people.

Transportation Ministry
The Transportation Ministry provides courteous transportation to regular worship services and other church activities.


Church School
Wayland Baptist has one of the largest, highly organized Church School’s in the City of Baltimore.

Convention Ministry
Selects delegates to attend annual conventions for spiritual enrichment and provides travel expenses.

Equipping Council
Provides training, guidance,direction and encouragement to each member of the congregation in discerning and using their spiritual gifts for kingdom building. The ministry also provides structural oversight for all biblical, doctrinal and theological components of the church.

New Disciple’s Ministry
The New Disciples Ministry helps new members assimilate into the life of the church universal and Wayland Baptist Church. Prepares new members for effective leadership and vital discipleship.


Brother-2-Brother (Men’s Ministry)
Empowers and engages men for the purpose of God’s glory; to claim their position before God as priests of their homes, servant-leaders in the community and builders in God’s Kingdom. Brother-2-Brother meets every Saturday 7-9 a.m.

Marriage Ministry
The Marriage Ministry provides an environment for the enhancement and strengthening of Christian marriages.

Women’s Ministry
The Women’s Ministry encourages the spiritual growth of women through prayer, biblical equipping, serving and fellowship.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Assists youth between the ages of 12-24 to grow spiritually, socially and culturally. Through spiritual guidance and educational activities, the ministry helps youth facilitate a personal relationship with Christ and helps prepare them to serve.


Culinary Ministry
Serves all the ministries of Wayland and the community by providing catering services for all meetings and events.

The Hospitality Ministry extends God’s love to all by ministering to the needs of our visitors and members.

J. Edgar Henson Ministry
Offers glory and praise to God through support, fellowship, loyalty and genuine love for the congregation and community.

Ladies Guild
Advances the spiritual, social and educational development of girls and women in the church and community.

This ministry shares the love of Jesus with those in need so they will come to know Christ as their Savior, Lord and provider.

Provides an outlet for youth and adults to learn the Word of God and other important life concepts through recreational activities.

Worship and Praise

Clergy Council
The Clergy Council trains, nurtures and equips the “called out” to spread the gospel.. The ministry oversees the clergy of Wayland Baptist Church in all aspects of their development and ministry to include 1) The call process; 2) doctrinal, theological training; 3) Proclamation development; 4) Liturgical development; 5) Sense of call; 6) Continuing education; 7) Didactic application.

Interpretive Praise
This ministry glorifies God through music, dance and sign language. It is designed to bring an eclectic worship experience through dance, step, mime and other forms of dramatic presentation.

Music Ministry
The Music Ministry of Wayland seeks to glorify God in music. To lift the spirits of all through the rendering of music in the form of anthems, spirituals, hymns and gospels. Provides fellowship to those who love to sing and leads the congregation in singing God’s praises.

Puppet Ministry
This ministry uses puppets to teach children Biblical truths that will help them live Christ-filled lives. By using examples of Godly characters through the puppets, children learn the difference between right and wrong from a Christian perspective.

Usher’s Ministry
The Ushers Ministry serves as doorkeepers in the house of the Lord. This ministry provides order and discipline through the proper ingress and egress of individuals that helps set a spirit of worship in the sanctuary.


Benevolence Ministry
Provides assistance to individuals and families with their gas and electric cut offs or house eviction notices.  The ministry also shares the Good News of the gospel to help prepare members and non-members to move from their present circumstances to a better relationship with Christ.
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Clothing Ministry
Christians fostering love and showing the compassion of Jesus Christ by clothing the body, mind and soul.

Marketplace Ministry
This ministry spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ in our community via door-to-door and street evangelism.

Missionary Ministry
This ministry presents the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world shadowed in spiritual darkness. By traveling to local, state, regional and national mission stations, this ministry shares the hope found in the Lordship of Jesus with a depraved world.

Scholarship Ministry
The Scholarship Ministry is a positive force and a supportive voice for member of Wayland Baptist Church who desire assistance in their pursuit of education beyond the high school level.

Soup Kitchen
Saints of God responding to the mandate to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. The Soup Kitchen shares the love of Christ Jesus by feeding the body, mind and soul. The kitchen is open on Wednesdays from from 12 – 1 p.m. in the fellowship hall.

We believe that when God completed His love-act redeeming us, He then ordained us as His witnesses to the entire world, and equipped us to witness by sending His Holy Spirit among us.