Rev. Dr. Robert E. Young, D.Min

Co-Coordinators, Assembly of Servants

Deacon James Gardner

Deaconess Deborah Richardson

Clergy Council

Minister Penelope Birckhead

Reverend M. Gayle Briscoe

Minister Danielle Conway

Reverend Delores Dorsey

Minister LaWanda Henry

Reverend Daisy Spivey

Minister Josephine Storrs

Reverend Rickey G. Williams

Key Servants/Fold Coordinators

Deacon James Gardner
Care Fold

Deacon Marvin Carn
Discipleship Fold

Deacon Ernest T. Haden, 3rd
Evangelism Fold

Deacon Herman Jones
Worship and Praise Fold

Deaconess Gladis McKoy
Family Fold

Deaconess Inez Wiggins
Support Fold

Deaconess Elizabeth Allen
Fellowship Fold

Deacon Gary Masseaux
Key Servant at Large

Assembly of Servants

Deaconess Angela Alston

Deacon Zachery Eaton

Deaconess Hope Lewis

Deacon Sam McGill

Deacon Sherman Spivey

Deacon Rodney Williams

Deacon Brian Bowman

Deaconess Pamela Gilliard

Deacon James Long

Deacon Allen Richardson

Deacon James Taylor

Deaconess Minnie Christian

Deacon M. L. Hull

Deaconess Theresa Masseaux

Deacon Larry Smith

Deaconess Sandra Walker

Ministers in Training

Sister Sharon Distance-Hawkins

Sister Margaret Reed-Geater

Director of Equipping Council

Sister Odessa Coates

Church School Superintendent

Sister Normetha Goodrum

Director of Music

Minister Penelope Birckhead

Director of Ushers

Sister Keisha O'Neal

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Brother Nicholas Lievers

Church Clerk

Sister Karen Anderson

Church Treasurer

Deaconess Gladis McKoy

We believe that when God completed His love-act redeeming us, He then ordained us as His witnesses to the entire world, and equipped us to witness by sending His Holy Spirit among us.